Medieval Battlefields Released

Medieval Battlefields ReleasedCateia Games recently announced the release of Medieval Battlefields. The turn-based strategy game puts players in control of armies in medieval Europe and challenges them to defeat enemies on a variety of maps. Medieval Battlefields includes both single and multiplayer maps, up to 8 players online, and the option of playing as English Court, French Court, or the Vikings.

Conquer Europe in Medieval Battlefields!
Medieval Battlefields is a turn-based strategy / tactical game that takes you back to medieval Europe. Train armies to defeat your enemies! But, one wrong step or one wrong decision and your campaign of victory and glory will turn into a swift annihilating defeat.

  • play on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and join in multi-player combat wherever you are
  • fight as English Court, French Court or Vikings
  • up to 8 players online
  • 40 single player and multi-player maps
  • train units for close and long range combat
  • build up your castle and improve your war equipment
  • capture towns and land to finance your war efforts

Medieval Battlefields is available for $4.99.

Source: Inside Mac Games

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