Medieval Barbie…finally!

medieval-barbieBarbie is an icon of American toys spanning the last 55 years. She has weathered the years well and even acquired a Dream House, Corvette, Jeep and various other material luxuries. But there always seemed to be something missing from Barbie’s vast collection…swords!

Now thanks to Jim Rodda, Barbie has a sword and a full set of armor! Earlier this year Jim started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of the armor.

I grew with only sisters, if their Barbie dolls were a Medieval Barbie and came with armor and swords they may have survived a lot longer against my horde of army men and Transformers.

The only drawback to the Barbie armor…you need a 3D printer to create it. Visit Jim’s website to download the specs and see a full set of pictures.



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