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There are many ways you can help support the Medieval Archives. And whichever option you choose. I would like to thank you for supporting the Medieval Archives website and podcast!

The easiest way is to share it with your friends. Tell them about the site and the podcast. Another great way to support the show is by giving it a rating in iTunes. To rate the show in iTunes click on the link below

You can also help support the Medieval Archives by providing a one-time donation

or a recurring monthly donation

Recurring Donation

You can also support Medieval Archives by signing up for an account at When you sign up you get a free audio book of your choice to keep, forever. Did I mention it’s free? When you sign up Medieval Archives gets a small commission. You can cancel your membership at anytime, even the same day and Medieval Archives still gets the commission and you still get the free audio book. Not a bad deal! Click on the affiliate banner below and signup now.

Still want more options? Well if you click on the affiliate links (images) below and signup for a service or buy a product Medieval Archives gets a small commission.

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