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Announcement: The Vikings Podcast aired forr the first three season of the TV show Vikings.

The Vikings Podcast is dedicated to the HISTORY TV series Vikings. Vikings is based on the life and adventures of Viking hero Ragnar Lothbrok and his family. Along with a recap and review of the show, we’ll also examine the historical accuracy of the events and characters.

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The Vikings Podcast #101: A Podcast is Coming

Welcome to the premiere episode of the Vikings Podcast! I’ve put together a brief episode to introduce the actors and the characters they play. There are a few sound clips...

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The Vikings Podcast #102: Rites of Passage

Vikings stormed onto the small screen with intense battles, poltiical intrigue and norse mythology. The premiere episode of Vikings was fantastic. Telling the story of Ragnar Lothbrok and his quest...

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The Vikings Podcast #103: Wrath of the Northmen

Ragnar successfully recruits a band of adventurous Vikings to sail west. Will they find any land or only a vast empty ocean? What will happen when Earl Haraldson finds out...

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The Vikings Podcast #104: Dispossessed

Ragnar raids a monastery and brings back countless treasure and slaves. Upset with Ragnar’s disobedience Earl Haraldson claims the treasure for himself. After Ragnar convinces the Earl to sanction another...

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The Vikings Podcast #105: Trial

Ragnar returns to the west and raids an English village, battles King Aelle’s men, returns home and is arrested by the Earl. Does Rollo turn against his brother? Was Athelstan...

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The Vikings Podcast #106: Raid

Earl Haradlson raids Ragnar’s village and Ragnar escapes certain death. Athelstan learns about the Norse gods and Rollo tries to ally himself with the Earl. We’ll review and recap episode...

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The Vikings Podcast #107: Burial of the Dead

Ragnar and Earl Haraldson meet in single combat. Who will survive? Find out this week on another episode of The Vikings Podcast. We’ll review and recap episode 6: Burial of...

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The Vikings Podcast #108: A King’s Ransom

Ragnar and company raid England and offer King Aella an end to the raids. Will the King accept his proposal? Siggy wishes to serve Lagertha and tragedy strikes the Lothbrock...

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The Vikings Podcast #109: Sacrifice

Ragnar and his clan travel to Uppsala to offer the gods sacrifices in return for their favor. While there he strikes an alliance with King Horic and is offered a...

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The Vikings Podcast #110: All Change

Ragnar is in Sweden dealing with Jarl Borg and meets a beautiful princess. Meanwhile Lagertha is back in Kattegat dealing with a deadly plague outbreak that threatens the entire village....

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